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Expanded the nationally recognized Kids in School Rule! program to all 63 Cincinnati Public Schools and Children’s Home of Cincinnati. 81.5% of the participants served were children of color.

This program prioritizes school success for students in foster care. Over the past 8 years, KISR! has averaged a 95% graduation rate for eligible seniors. Nationwide graduation rates range from 40 - 60%.

Partnered with Legal Aid and the Cincinnati Bar Foundation to open the Custody and Companionship Clinic. 68% of those served involved families of color.

Since September 2017, the Clinic has provided free legal services to over 1,690 low-income individuals seeking a safe and permanent home for their children or family member.

Maintained essential Court functions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Court maintained essential functions and services, using innovative programming, including remote access to hearings and other Court services. The Court quickly and strategically reduced  person-to-person contact, while continuing to engage youth and families.

Created School and Community-Based Diversion Opportunities and programming for low risk, juvenile justice-involved youth. 67% of the diverted cases involve children of color.

Initiatives include a substance abuse diversion program, traffic diversion program, youth court, community courts, mental health court and diversion dockets in the following schools/school districts: Northwest, Aiken, Western Hills, Oak Hills, and Winton Woods.

Developed School Threat Protocols.

This program tracks school threats, evaluates risk, and customizes individualized service plans for youth. The Ohio State Bar Association recognized the School Threat Assessment Program as an exemplary program when it named Judge Williams the winner of the 2020 Innovative Court Program & Practice Award.

Designed a new Assessment Center, which will open in 2020.

The Assessment Center will enhance early screening and service connection for children charged with delinquency and unruly offenses.

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